Troubleshoot the Issue

1. The XT PRO is shipped by default in Commercial mode with the Bluetooth turned on. This setting should not be able to be changed, as commercial mode does not allow this setting to be adjusted.


2. For Sound Soothe:

3. Verify the Bluetooth connection:

A. Android users: There may be 2 Bluetooth connections on your phone screens.

The phone must be connected to the green circled Bluetooth connection (4 small icons), in order to play music. If the phone is connected to the red circled Bluetooth connection, the phone will not be able to play any music through the chair.

The picture shows a Quies Chair, but this also applies to all Novo series chairs.

B. Apple users: Verify your Apple phone audio is connected to the chair.

      i. From the Main Menu screen, swipe DOWN from the right side.

      ii. Select the Music screen (usually found in the upper right corner). 

      iii. Verify the connected massage chair has a check next to it. This is necessary to play music from the phone through the chair.

The picture shows a Super Novo Chair, but this applies to all Novo series chairs.


If you continue to have trouble, please contact our Customer Experience team.
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