1. What is the typical temperature the customer should feel when seated in the chair?

This depends on the ambient temperature the chair is used. The colder the environment, the cooler the exposed surface will be.  

It takes some time for the heating element to be heated to the highest temperature, typically 5-7 minutes.

When the ambient temperature is lower than 25°C(77°F) degrees, and when the heating element goes to the highest temperature, It’s 40°C (104°F) for seat cushion, and 38°C (100.4°F) for back cushion.

These are the highest external temperatures the customer will feel at the peak of the heating cycle.

The temperature on the seat is higher than the back because the padding for the heating element on the seat is slightly thinner than the padding used in the back.

 For safety, the heating would be cut off automatically after 60 minutes of heating, and then the user needs to press the heating button to restart again if he/she wants to continue use it.


2. Does the heating element cycle on and off, or does it remain a constant temperature during operation?

When the temperature rises to 55(131°F), the temperature will start to drop slowly to 38(100.4°F)*, then the temperature rises to 55 (131°F)* again, and the cycle repeats until –

  1. the time reaches the pre-set 60 minutes the heating automatically shuts down, or
  2. the user shuts down the heating.

3. Is the heating element the same for the seat and the back?

Yes, the heating element is the same for the seat and the back.

You might feel 2-3°C (3.6-5.4°F) difference between seat and back, due to the different thickness of the resin (padding) on top of the heat element for seat and back.


4. What is the maximum temperature that the heating element reaches?

55 (131°F). *This is the internal temperature of the heating element, this is not direct heat to the customer.