All single parts in a Human Touch® chair are designed and engineered to last well beyond 15 years.

Much like a car or other complicated product made up of hundreds of parts, when combining a multitude of electrical, electronic and mechanical parts into one assembly (the chair), multiple factors will affect the time to a failure.

Variables, such as frequency of use, user load, wear, misuse, temperature, electrical power supply, proper care etc. combined with factory tolerances and assembly variances all make up the total set of factors for either perfect function or some risk of failure over time.

In most cases, Human Touch chairs will function as intended for a very long period of time, but at times even the smallest malfunction may invoke a chain reaction causing what seems like (or is) a major malfunction.

All Human Touch products are tested at the factory under what is known as “accelerated life testing” which over time mostly results in a statistical average number of various failures and an equally statistically estimated product life expectancy.

It is safe to assume that under “normal” circumstances and with normal use, Human Touch products will last well beyond 6 to 8 years without the need for service, but given above this will vary either way from chair to chair.