f you are having trouble with your NOVO XT PRO chair, you can run a simple check on a few areas of the chair to try and resolve the issue.


Check that the chair is correctly plugged into the wall outlet

1. Verify the Power Cord is securely inserted to both the wall and chair.

2. Turn the power switch to the off position (Located on the SIDE of the chair).

3. Unplug the power cord from the wall and the rear shroud, wait 30 seconds, then reconnect the power cord connections.

4. Verify the Power Switch lights up when ON. If the Power Switch light is on,If the Power Switch does not light up when ON and the chair still has no power, check the fuse.


Check the Fuse

1. Verify that the fuse is good.

      a. Use a flat-head screwdriver to turn the fuse holder (located on the rear shroud)  counterclockwise until loose.


      b. Remove the fuse from the fuse holder.

      c. Inspect the Fuse for any evidence of damage. 

      d. Replace the fuse with one of the spare fuses that come with the chair, or any 250V, 5A fuse, as needed.


Check the remote control connection

1. Make sure the remote is securely plugged into the chair and that the silver connector ring nut is tight.


Perform a hard reset of the chair

1. Turn the power switch to the OFF position (Located on the SIDE of the chair).

2. Wait 30 seconds, then turn the power switch to the ON position

3. Press the ON/OFF button on the remote to turn it on.



If you continue to have trouble with your NOVO XT PRO massage chair, please contact our Customer Experience team.
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