Troubleshoot the issue

The customer is unable to connect via Bluetooth using the HT App and VT Bridge.


Unplug the VT Bridge and turn Bluetooth on and off again on the mobile device being used to sever any existing VT Bridge connections. Then connect the chair via the HT App.


2. If the customer chooses to not use the HT App and continue using the VT Bridge,

The VT Bridge and the HT App CANNOT work at the same time. The chair only has one Bluetooth channel so can only connect to either the VT Bridge or the HT App (BT).

Make sure that all Bluetooth connections are disabled prior to connecting to the VT Bridge.

a. The Amazon Alexa device, utilizing the VT Bridge, can use the Super Novo speakers to play music and audio.

b. The old Super Novo App and HT App allow the Super Novo speakers to play music and audio while

connected to the apps.


3. Install the HT App onto a mobile device.

a. If the HT App is already installed, delete the HT App and reinstall. Reinstalling the HT App First will assure that any updates to the app have been applied.

3. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on in the Super Novo chair settings.

3. Assuring your device is on the correct setting.

a. Android users: There may be 2 Bluetooth connections on your phone screens.

The phone must be connected to the green circled Bluetooth connection in order to play music. If the phone is connected to the red circled Bluetooth connection, the phone will not be able to play any music through the chair.

The picture shows a Quies Chair, but this also applies to all Novo chairs.

a. Apple users: Verify your Apple phone audio is connected to the chair.

      i. From the Main Menu screen, swipe DOWN from the right side.

      ii. Select the Music screen (usually found in the  in the upper right corner). 

      iii. Verify the connected massage chair has a check next to it. This is necessary to play music from the phone through the chair.