Your Super Novo massage chair is a sophisticated combination of mechanics, electronics, and software working together to give you the ultimate massage. With such complexity comes opportunity for what we like to call massage chair “confusion.”

When deciding where to place your Super Novo, consider the following:
Place the unit on a flat surface, away from direct sunlight or any other direct heat source (to
avoid fading).
If you wish to place the unit on a hard surface, it is recommended that you place a piece of
carpet or a soft mat underneath it to avoid damaging the floor (minimum 48” x 28”).
To accommodate the footrest when deployed, make sure the area in front of the chair is clear for
at least 24”.
To ensure the chair does not hit the wall when reclining, make sure there is a 4” clearance
behind it.

Should your massage chair exhibit any abnormal behavior, please do the following to fully reset the chair:
1. Press the ON/OFF button on the remote, select POWER OFF then select RESTORE to restore the chair
to the upright position.
2. Turn the chair’s power switch (on the rear of the chair) to Off.
3. Unplug the chair from the power source.
4. Wait 30 seconds.
5. Plug the chair back into the power source, then turn the power switch back On.

If your chair has no power:
1. Check the power cord - Make sure the power cord connection to the chair is secure and that the
power cord is not damaged.
2. Check the wall outlet - Plug a known working device into the outlet to ensure the outlet is
3. Replace the fuse - Use a flat-head screwdriver to turn the fuse holder (located next to the
power switch) counter-clockwise until it pops out. Replace the fuse with one of the spare fuses
that came with your chair, or any 250V, 5A fuse.


Just like with any other electronics, this simple reset sequence will resolve many issues. If, however, your issue remains, please do the following before contacting our customer experience agents (this will help us help you much more quickly):
1. Locate the serial number on label on the back of your chair and write it down.
2. Locate your proof of purchase, as we will need it to process any warranty claim.
3. Write down the specific steps you took before experiencing the problem. For example: “I sat down
in the chair, then I selected Cloud Touch on the remote, then I selected Foot/Calf, then I heard a
loud noise that is not normal.”
4. Now you’re ready to contact us!

Contact our Customer Experience agents at 800-355-2762 or

Monday – Thursday 7 AM to 4:30 PM PST, Friday 7 AM to 3:30 PM PST